About Display Solutions

Where there is a need to monitor and control information flows, Mitsubishi Electric is there.

From the control rooms that keep our traffic flowing, the utilities that light and heat our homes, to the emergency services that watch over our safety, Mitsubishi Electric builds the systems that touch our daily lives.

Mitsubishi Video Wall Cubes are designed and built to meet the most demanding requirements of the end user. Its Seventy Series LED Cubes offer the highest performance in command and control room applications. Unique, fully redundant LED air-cooled projection engines and long life fans deliver up to a remarkable 130.000 hours of maintenance-free operations, without expensive replacement lamps and with excellent environmental credentials.

Mitsubishi Electric offers an international team of experienced advisors and system engineers and works globally in partnership with local authorized system integrators. From a design point of view, no command & control room project
is the same. Based on site visits and a thorough analysis of your needs, we strive to offer you the best and most cost-effective solution possible. 

As one of the first manufacturers to introduce display wall cubes using DLP™ technology in 1997, Mitsubishi Electric has a long history and extensive experience in the production of display wall systems. Mitsubishi Electric has achieved an enviable reputation for performance, reliability and service, in more than 93,000 installations world-wide.

If you are looking for the best display solution for command & control, look at the company that the world relies on - Mitsubishi Electric

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